Popcorn.js: Free HTML5 Event System


Popcorn.js is an event system for HTML5 media developers. Think jQuery for video. You can leave the heavy lifting to Popcorn, and concentrate on what you do best: writing awesome code.

Popcorn.js utilizes the native HTMLMediaElement properties, methods and events, normalizes them into an easy to learn API, and provides a plugin system for community contributed interactions.

Popcorn has dozens of plugins for common services and APIs, ranging from Twitter, to Maps, to media events, and more. But if it doesn’t do what you need right now, you can write your own plugins quickly and easily.

An expanding ecosystem

Popcorn is the core behind a growing number of sister projects and libraries. For example

  • Seriously.js, a webGL effects library for video
  • sequencer.js, a method for chaining multiple media objects to a single sequence
  • Instapoppin, a user friendly approach to designing Popcorn user experience.
  • butter.js, an API supporting our Popcorn Maker app and any other apps that use popcorn
  • Popcorn Kernel, a simple web server for client-server popcorn experiences

Website: http://mozillapopcorn.org/popcornjs/

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